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Originally was registered on the 01st April 2010 via and is hosted by

Now is registered via Dynadot and hosted on blogger.

Huma Me was bought due to the fact that I had always wanted a domain name with my first name in it and when I saw that it was free along with my favourite domain extension I knew I had to buy it. For a while, it was just placed on hold while I decided what to do with it. However, in August I finally decided to transfer my blog to huma me since the name was so personal to me.


The Huma, also known as the “bird of paradise,” is a Persian mythological bird, similar to the Egyptian phoenix, which consumes itself in fire every few hundred years, only to rise anew from the ashes. It is considered to be a compassionate bird. The touch of the Huma is said to bring great fortune.

It avoids killing for food, rather preferring to feed on carrion. The Persians teach that great blessings come to that person on whom the huma’s shadow falls. The word huma in the Persian language stands for a fabulous bird. There is a belief that if the huma bird sits for a moment on someone’s head it is a sign that he will become a king. – Taken from Wikipedia.


As my blog has now moved to Blogger, I most likely will be using pre-made layouts. But here are some screenshots of previous layouts I made for my blog (, and