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Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Review

After seeing a few posts and ads for The Body Shop Green Tea range, I decided to buy the Green Tea Bath Tea and Infuser. I thought the concept was excellent a detox bath for your body. I also bought the infuser because I liked the idea about not having to clean up anything afterwards.

I thought since I am having a detox bath, I would also use some detoxifying products on my face so I cleansed my skin with the ESPA ProCleanser and I also used the Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask. I really like using these two products together.

So back to the bath, I filled the infuser with the product, which a combination of bath salt and green tea and once my bath was full, I swirled the infuser around in my bath and then hooked it onto the drainpipe. You do get some fall out of the green tea but nothing major.

I do like the bath tea but it didn't really smell of anything and your bath doesn't fizz or have bubbles in it. I did enjoy it though and my skin does feel quite smooth post bath.

However, you know how green tea stains your cups ... well this bath tea did leave a rim around my bath. At first, I was furious thinking oh no, I am going to have to clean my whole bath again but it came out easily. I just used a microfiber cloth and some water and it did come out.

To be honest even though I like the idea and I will finish this product I most likely won't purchase it once it's finished. I would rather use the ESPA bath oils to be honest.

You can buy the Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea (£12) from The Body Shop website as well the infuser (£5)