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Swarovski Hello Kitty Haul

Swarovski were having a sale so naturally I had to check out the Hello Kitty section. Surprise, surprise I ended up buying something. 1. Hello Kitty Rock Wristlet Pouch £51 in sale RRP £102.00 This is a lovely wristlet, perfect for nights out when you don't want to take a bag. It has white and purple crystals on it and Hello Kitty looks like a true rock chick, blasting her electric guitar. It's leather so its built to last and it is a lovely piece. You can view this item here on the  Swarovski  website . 2. Hello Kitty LadyBug Smartphone Case £49 This wasn't in the sale but I loved the Hello Kitty ladybug! I don't usually use phone pouches as I prefer cases but this is great to use when you don't have a pocket in your bag for your phone (like in the wristlet, which is mainly why I bought it). It has lovely red crystals on it and again is leather so it should last a long time.  You can view this item here on the  Swarovski  website. I am