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Look Who's Back ...

... well, hopefully I will be. Not blogged in years. I tried to various other blog's and they just didn't work so I am coming back to this blog. I have a shiny new domain extension .blog as well. I'm going to not limit my blog to things I have bought. I've finally decided that I am going to blog about what I want and for me. I'm never going to be some famous blogger (not that I ever thought I would be) and I really miss the good old days when I would just blog about my life, so I'm going to combine everything.  I know what I want my first real come back post to be about, how I managed to change my mindset in terms of my constant feeling of being anxious and slowly building up my confidence. Not to mention finally realising that I just don't give a damn about how the world perceives me and that world doesn't really care, it's me who is my own worst critic.  So yeah, look forward to new content, even if it just me reading this. Please bare wit
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An instagram haul

OMG, I have not blogged since December! Anyway, I thought I would share with you a few things I have bought over the past few months. The pictures are from my I nstagram. I actually like this display more than how blogger displays import photos so will be using this more. For my Birthday in May, my mother and I went on our annual mother and daughter holiday and this year I decided to go to Russia. It was such a beautiful country. The palaces in Saint Petersburg! Oh my goodness, I loved it. We did a River Cruise so from Saint Petersburg to Moscow with stops at a few small villages. I loved it. Anyway since I was there, I thought for my birthday I would treat myself to a bag I had wanted for ages, the Lady Dior bag. I love this bag so much, it oozes class and it an elegant, classic piece. It’s in lambskins so I have to be very careful with it but it’s such a beauty. I didn’t get the patent leather though as I found it’s too difficult to open the bag (also heard a lot from reviews no

Luxury haul ft Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Tiffany & Co

I have been very lucky of the past few months to buy some lovely luxury designer items and so I thought I would do a post of what I have bought. Chanel Mini navy blue wallet bag with small purse I really wanted the Chanel WOC and so when my mum and I went to Florence on our cruise holiday I decided to go into the Chanel store and see if they had it. They did and so the lady showed me the WOC and this one. Now I personally thought I would go for the WOC, as it was black with gold hardware and this one was in navy blue. I fell in love with this one. It's in patent calf leather, navy blue in colour and with silver hardware. It is beautiful. It also comes with a small purse inside. I don't actually know the name of this one and I did try to search for it. Anyway, it has a small chain and a zip compartment inside. It can fit quite a bit in! Also it is very resilient and doesn't scratch easily.   I am very ashamed though that this is my fourth Chanel bag. I remember

Flowbox Monthly box

I've decided to start subscribing to monthly boxes again, however this time I wanted to try something different than just beauty. After looking on the web, I decided to try out FlowBox and thought I would share with you what I got. They do different boxes and different sizes, normal and mini. They ranges they do are Vegan, Classic and Gluten-Free. I decided to get the Mini Classic box. The Mini boxes start from £9.95 and normal from £17.95 + P&P. These boxes contain natural food, beauty or household goods with no nasty stuff. Scott Farms Sweet Potatos chips OMG Sweet potatoes crisp. I didn't even though things like this existed. They are yummy and I will be buying more.   Lima Rice Quinoa   Ugly water in Lemon and Ginger flavour This is good! I really like it. Very light and refreshing and just a nice alternative to drinking plain water. I plan to buy it again and also try some of the different flavours. Olive Branch Greek Mezze Not tr

Ren Skincare Haul

I've never really tried products from Ren Skincare but when I was in Marks and Spencer's, I picked up the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash and oh my gosh, I loved the scent so much I had to get it! I really like this brand, as they are paraben free. Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash and Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion These smell like heaven! The body wash is lovely and best it doesn't strip your skin dry either. The body cream is lightweight moisturising and again smells lovely. Body Lotion £26.00 and body wash for  £18.00  Rosa Centifolia™ Hot Cloth Cleanser I love hot cloth cleanser but I don't actually really like Liz Earle one as it did nothing for my skin. I have tried others but this so far is the best. It cleans my skin and doesn't leave it dry afterwards. Hot Cloth Cleanser  £16.00 Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Milk I tend to use this one when my skin is quite sensitive. Again smells lovely, cleans my skin and doesn't le

Nuxe Haul

So I had no idea that Marks and Spencer's stocked Nuxe products. Heck I've even found out that you can buy Ren Skincare, Emma Hardie and Bliss from their website as well! Anyway, I have never used Nuxe products before but when I bought some stuff from SpaceNK I received a free mask. I really liked it so I bought some other stuff as well. Plus I am happy that they are parben free. Crème Fraiche® de Beauté Mask This is a really love moisturising mask. You put it on and leave it for 10mins then you can either wipe it off or run it into your skin for extra moisture. I tend to rub it in afterwards but I only put a bit off as if you out too thick of a layer it tends to clot up and you have this big blob. It doesn't have the best scent but it's not too strong for me so I don't mind. I got this mask free from spacenk but will definitely buy a full version. Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals I use Bioderma  to take off my makeup. I love it b

Designer Shopping Haul Berlin. Céline, Hermès, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Fendi

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in UK, I was lucky to go on a holiday to Berlin. It was so lovely, we stayed at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm hotel and it was lovely. Perfect for a city break and perfect for shopping. Only a short walk away was the designer stores and if you walked the other way was the Designer mall KaDeWe. I love this shopping mall! It's the largest Designer shopping mall in Europe. We also went to the 6th floor and ate in the fish restaurant. The fish was so tasty! Chanel Cat Eye Chain sunglasses I  was deciding between these ones and the Pearl Sunglasses. In the end, I decided on these ones as I have so many black sunglasses. I love them and I love the detail on sides. Sadly, though, I still couldn't find my Chanel espadrilles in leather. I think I am finally going to have to admit defeat. Very happy I have the canvas ones though. Céline Nano Luggage Tote Love this bag. I went for this colour because I thought that this co